Registration 3Laender Enduro opens 31 January 2019

by Admin Thomas (comments: 0)

At 3Laender Enduro Race powered by SANTA CRUZ we’ll have a ranking in six classes. Single riders will be classified as:
- Women Solo
- Men Solo (up to age of 40)
- Senior Solo (from age of 40)

As a novelty for german-speaking region we can offer the possibility to start as a two-part team. This teams can start together – at each stage the time of the SLOWER rider will count for the ranking! This means it’ll make no sense if the faster riders pushes and pushes to be first on the stage. The main goal is to synchronize the speed to finish at nearly the same time…And besides, this will make much for fun!
Two-Part teams will be classified in the following classes:
- Women Duo
- Men Duo
- Mixed Duo

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